Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone...
 I hope all you guys had an awesome Valentine's Day full of Love, Chocolates and unlimited shopping...

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Easy, breezy, rainy Saturday….

I woke up late today and decided to head down to Sydney’s Paddington Market.  Little did I know that a huge thunderstorm was expected until I turned the radio on…

Consequently, I turned the car around, headed back home and waited for the sky to clear.  As the clouds dissipated, I decided to waste the rest of the day taking pictures around my area.  I therefore hope you enjoy the following pictures of my first outfit of the day.  It’s not much really, just a simple easy outfit that is perfect for about the house and beyond.…

Wearing: Forever 21-jeans, Witchery-shoes, Sportsgirl -tee, Sunnies- Rayban, Watch-Mimco

Monday, 6 February 2012

Mini Skin Care Haul….

As you know I’m a HUGE Rachel Zoe addict and I read about the MOR range in one of her monthly newsletters.  Since reading the review, I really wanted to try this product but had previously not had the chance do it.
In 2010, I first came across these amazing products when we moved to Perth and rented a furnished house.  The owners of this place had an incredible and lavish taste and utilised the MOR range in their bathroom.  As these products were for our use, I decided to give them a go.  I instantly fell in love with MOR.  They had a strong but very pleasant fragrance and felt amazing on my skin. The next day I visited both Myers and David Jones (Australian department stores) determined to track down further MOR products and give them a try.
The whole MOR range has a luxurious appearance and a feeling of decadence reminiscent of the Court of Marie Antoinette.  I instantly wanted to purchase them but was stymied by Mr No Spenders Mug at the time.  I had to wait another year to give them another go…
During Boxing Day 2011 (Australia’s version of the US’ Black Friday sales), I was able to get two discounted gift packs (one from the Emporium White Collection and the other from the Marshmallow Collection).  The latter was a gift for a friend who was visiting me from France. The Emporium White Collection had all the essential products I needed.

Review - Emporium White Collection:
The Collection came in a fabulous white cosmetic bag: white/chic and it holds most of my everyday essential make-up.

Hand Cream: AUD$24.95  (Emporium White Collection - Belladonna Hand Cream 100ml 3.3 Fl Oz) 

The smell of this hand cream is absolutely divine!!  For me it has the intense bouquet of white roses and frangipani.  According to the description on the tube, this cream contains shea & cocoa butter blend with glycerine, Irish moss and vitamins A & E to improve and hydrate dry skin.  It is also infused with sesame seed oil & allantion that helps to create soft skin.  It’s free of parabens, mineral oil & synthetic dyes.
I have now been using this hand cream for about a week and YES! the combination of these amazing ingredients have worked wonders for my hands.  The cream has a thick texture to it, glides on the skin smoothly and absorbs very effectively making my hands exceptionally soft.  The wonderful fragrance from the hand cream continues to linger a long time after the original application.

Emporium Soap Bar: AUD$19.95 
This beautifully wrapped and presented soap has a 17th Century extravagance to it.  It has a beautiful smell similar to the hand cream and is perfect in my guest bathroom.  The fragrance from the soap itself provides the room with a wonderful aroma even when it is not in use.

  Lip Macaron: AUD$12.95 10gs .36oz
Filled with vitamin E and beeswax, this lip balm moisturised my chapped lips instantly.  The packaging makes this product the perfect little gift for either you or for a friend who loves anything girly… It also fits perfectly in my travel/make up bag.

Emporium White Collection - AUD$34.95 and The Marshmallow Gift pack - AUD$34.95 (used as a gift to my friend) purchased from Myers.

My overall thoughts on this range:
I HIGHLY recommend these products to everyone.  What I like about the MOR range is that it’s not tested on animals and it has a unique and elegant look to it.  I’m sure I will purchase further products from this range into the future!  I just can’t resist the exquisite packaging and the amazing fragrance.
MOR range was founded in 1998 by two designers in Melbourne Australia.  Since then, this range has grown and now recognised globally for its innovative, luxurious pampering body care and lifestyle products.
MOR COSMETICS ships internationally.  You can get more information from MOR Website via the following: http://www.morcosmetics.com.

Taking a sip of life with the Big Spenders Mug…

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Thank you for the Warm Welcome…..

Dear all,
Just a quick post to thank all followers and readers on my blog. I never thought just by one post I could attract all these readers… So thank you for reading my blog and welcoming me to the blogging community….

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

For the First time…./ 始めて

Big Spender’s Mug

Hi ya and welcome everyone to this blog, I have created it for everyone who have a true passion for everything beauty and fashion related. My inspiration is derived from YouTube, beauty/fashion magazines, street fashion, stylists (Rachel Zoe) and beauty/Fashion blogs.
 I still remember my very first makeup lesson from my sister who is a flight attendant, who is professionally trained to wear makeup on daily basis.  Whilst I always had an interest in the basics of makeup products and application this quickly turned into a raging obsession the day I turned on the computer and watched my first YouTube makeup video in 2006. Lauren Luke and SandyGold quickly became MUST watch channels and an inspiration.  Needless to say the rest is history and I have been an avid consumer of content ever since!!  Now after watching and reading beauty videos and blogs for the past 6 years, I have finally found the courage to create my own blog with a view to contributing my experiences and opinions on beauty products as well as provide updates on the current trends in fashion and beauty products.
It’s the beginning of 2012 and I wanted to do this for my New Year’s resolution so that I might look back and see what I have done for that day/month/year.  There’s also lot of guilty little pleasures hidden inside me just waiting to burst out and I want this to be a good path where I can share what I buy (secretly hoping it’ll make me less guilty)…
I would like to dedicate this blog to everything that is fashion, beauty and also lifestyle and travel related.  I believe that everything around us can inspire us to create the best life we possibly can. I have lived and moved from one country to another for the last few years.  I have lived in Japan for eight years, during my time at university, during which I was influenced by Japanese culture.  This has made me appreciate everything about Japanese fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I will be doing lot reviews, collaborations and updates on Japanese beauty products, fashion and art.  In addition to this, I will also review Australian fashion/beauty as well as products from all over the world.
By no means do I call myself a beauty guru nor a professional when it comes to this topic.  I feel this will be a positive space where I share my interest/passion and also learn from everyone who shares the same interests that I have.

Enjoy! よろしく……………….