Tuesday, 24 January 2012

For the First time…./ 始めて

Big Spender’s Mug

Hi ya and welcome everyone to this blog, I have created it for everyone who have a true passion for everything beauty and fashion related. My inspiration is derived from YouTube, beauty/fashion magazines, street fashion, stylists (Rachel Zoe) and beauty/Fashion blogs.
 I still remember my very first makeup lesson from my sister who is a flight attendant, who is professionally trained to wear makeup on daily basis.  Whilst I always had an interest in the basics of makeup products and application this quickly turned into a raging obsession the day I turned on the computer and watched my first YouTube makeup video in 2006. Lauren Luke and SandyGold quickly became MUST watch channels and an inspiration.  Needless to say the rest is history and I have been an avid consumer of content ever since!!  Now after watching and reading beauty videos and blogs for the past 6 years, I have finally found the courage to create my own blog with a view to contributing my experiences and opinions on beauty products as well as provide updates on the current trends in fashion and beauty products.
It’s the beginning of 2012 and I wanted to do this for my New Year’s resolution so that I might look back and see what I have done for that day/month/year.  There’s also lot of guilty little pleasures hidden inside me just waiting to burst out and I want this to be a good path where I can share what I buy (secretly hoping it’ll make me less guilty)…
I would like to dedicate this blog to everything that is fashion, beauty and also lifestyle and travel related.  I believe that everything around us can inspire us to create the best life we possibly can. I have lived and moved from one country to another for the last few years.  I have lived in Japan for eight years, during my time at university, during which I was influenced by Japanese culture.  This has made me appreciate everything about Japanese fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I will be doing lot reviews, collaborations and updates on Japanese beauty products, fashion and art.  In addition to this, I will also review Australian fashion/beauty as well as products from all over the world.
By no means do I call myself a beauty guru nor a professional when it comes to this topic.  I feel this will be a positive space where I share my interest/passion and also learn from everyone who shares the same interests that I have.

Enjoy! よろしく……………….